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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party, Fort Myers, FL

Well, the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party protest was, I think, a big success. There were more than 800 across the country. While the MSM tries to downplay the significance of the events and underestimate the numbers of the attendees, the Tea Parties certainly could not be ignored.
As planned, we attended the Tea Party in Fort Myers, Fl. I took a few pictures at the event which I have posted below. The event was scheduled to begin at 5 pm at Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers. We arrived at 5:10 and there were easily about a thousand people already gathered. That number swelled to at least 2000 by 6 pm. The people gathered were not a potential terror threat as Janet Napolitano would have everyone believe. Nor were they a bunch of 'confused racists'. These were just folks. Cashiers from Walmart, construction contractors, real estate agents, executives, and grand parents. Just concerned citizens, patriots, who understand that the fast track to socialism which our leaders have set us upon will lead to a reduced quality of life for all Americans.
I observed no racially motivated signage or posters. There were no cars overturned, trash cans set ablaze, or calls for violence which are typically associated with leftwing political activism. There was nothing which could justify these obscene characterizations from Garofalo and Napolitano. While it is clear that these characterizations are nothing more than an effort to cast aspersions on the protesters, it will not have the intended effect. These protests will continue and spread. The next events and activities are already being planned. See here, here, here, and here.
Now, with respect to the MSM estimates of the total numbers of protester on tax day, those estimates place the attendance between 250,000 and 500,000. Michelle Malkin uses 'liberal math' to proclaim the Tax Day Tea Party event as the Million Taxpayer March.


Greywolfe said...

Please understand me. I LOVE the Tea Pary movement as a method of getting like people together. However, it's not as successful as many would like to believe.

The MSM as you point out have derided and downplayed it. But even worse, the federal government has completely blown it off. So, other than the warm fuzzies that we got on April 15th, what successes have we gotten for it?

The problem is, the government is invested in taking us where they know we don't want to go. So they will ignore or downplay or denigrate any movement that doesn't get right in their face.

da patriot said...

You are ofcourse, quite right Graywolfe. We as conservatives must however try all reasonable measures first, just as our founders did, before we resort to more radical actions. I am not so naive as to think that these tyrants will really pay attention, but the movement needs numbers and momentum to do that which will eventually, unavoidably, be necessary.

Z said...

thanks for the pix..

I feel the way Greywolfe does most of the time, then I realize we have to keep the pressure up for the 2010 elections. If this tea party thing escalates and more and more come, we could do some SERIOUS campaigning at those things for representatives who actually represent US and we could get that balance changed in the congress; the only thing that'll help America at ALL. THE ONLY THING.

We are being ignored; what every happened to the gazillion tea bags I KNOW people sent to the WH? ANything? NO MENTION? I never heard a thing. How about the red envelopes against abortion to the WH? NOTHING said; but congressmen do notice, they DO, and we have to keep up the pressure ..

we just have to do SOMETHING effective, that's for sure.

Greywolfe said...

My only problem Z, is this... Look at the damage that man has wrought in only 100 days. 2 years of this.... What damage will they have delivered to us in two years?