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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Should I Draw You a Picture?

Frequently, usually at my place of work, I have an opportunity to speak to someone about politics. All too often I find these individuals to have totally bought into the notion that the rich make too much money and that the government should tax them more.

I try to explain to them that it is the rich in our free market economy who are the 'movers and shakers'. That they have the capital to invest, to expand, and to hire. That when you increase taxes on the rich, they have fewer resources to work with and the economy slows. When you tax them too much the economy begins to decline. The 'movers and shakers' not only do not have the resources to invest, to expand, and to hire; but may have to make some reductions.
Those reductions mean job losses. Despite the higher taxes on the top 5%, the job losses from the top down equate to less revenue to the government, not more. This reduction in revenue means that there will be budget shortfalls. The government has to borrow or print more money to cover those shortfalls; which means more interest on the dollar; which means a further debauching of our currency; which leads to inflation; which leads to more job losses. It's not rocket science, it's common sense.

Try as I might , some just don't get it. It sounds too much like 'trickle down' to them and the media has told them that 'trickle down' is a fallacy. People have stopped thinking for themselves. I get so frustrated sometimes that I just want to throw up my hands and exclaim, "Should I draw you a picture".


Anonymous said...

Many economists (including Alan Greenspan)refer to this time in our nation's history as the "Second Guilded Age."
During the first "Guilded Age",the Capatilists nearly brought America to it's knees. The power to break these people's deathgrip on our country, was found through taxation and monopoly busting.
Today, banks and some large corperations have managed to do it again. They have brought our country to our knees financially. This time, however, it it is not the corperations who want to bail the country out (we went off the gold standard), but we who must help them, (too big to fail)
We have to get our country back, again.

Z said...

"..and the media says..."

Truer words were never spoken...without a lying, mischaracterizing media, America just MIGHT have a chance.
Great post, DA! Should seem clear to ANYONE!