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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Deliberate Under Thinking at ThinkProgress.org

Earlier this evening I was watching Neil Cavuto on Fox News and witnessed the interview he had with Leslie Marshall. Later on in the evening, I found this post by Matt Corley on the Marxist website thinkprogress.org :

Ignoring Fox News polling, Fox New's Neil Cavuto claims 'tea party' protests are 'a popular wave'.

On his Fox News show today, Neil Cavuto joined the rest of Fox News in promoting the radical anti-Obama “tea party” protests, one of which he will be attending and broadcasting from next week. Arguing with radio show host Leslie Marshall, Cavuto claimed that the protests were “a popular wave” sweeping across the country. Watch it:

But Cavuto’s claim ignores a Fox News poll released last week, which found that only 36 percent of Americans said they would “be willing to join” a “tea party” protest.

In addition to the hundreds of tea parties which have already taken place since Rick Santelli went on a rant about the bankrupt liberal agenda of the Administration and Congress, there are more than 500 tax day tea parties which have been scheduled across the country. This is a huge movement.

So, the number of people who would be willing to join a tea party protest is 'only' 36 percent. In the context of political activism, actually getting out on the street with a protest sign and publicly displaying your dissension, 36 percent is a very significant number. And, the Leftards know it!

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