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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comrade Obama on the Redistribution of Wealth

That Obama is a socialist is a question that many have been asking since 'Joe the Plumber ' asked Comrade Obama if he was going to be taxing his business at a greater rate. Now more evidence of Obama's redistributionist ideology has been revealed in the form of a radio interview on Chicago's WBEZ FM from 2001.

In addition to this video are the following quotes from an August 20, 2008 New York Times magazine interview;

“If you talk to Warren, he’ll tell you his preference is not to meddle in the economy at all — let the market work, however way it’s going to work, and then just tax the heck out of people at the end and just redistribute it,” Obama said. “That way you’re not impeding efficiency, and you’re achieving equity on the back end.” He continued by saying that he thought there was some merit in Buffett’s argument. But, he said: “I do think that what the argument may miss is the sense of control that we want individuals to have in determining their own career paths, making their own life choices and so forth. And I also think you want to instill that sense of self-reliance and that what you do will help determine outcomes.”

While the main stream media is is gushing over Obama, wondering if America is finally ready for a black President, many Americans are now wondering if we are blindly about to let our doom in by the front door by electing a Marxist to that office.

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Z said...

I'm not wondering and neither are you! AMERICANS GOOFED, and BIG TIME!