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Sunday, October 12, 2008

African American Voters, Listen Up

The following videos are part of a video blog series. I do not know the gentleman's name but he can be found at youtube.com under machosauceproduction. He has some important political insights which should be of particular interest to the black community.

African Americans need to ask themselves a few questions;

-Who or what is really to blame for the sad state of black education in America? Read this.

-Is it really a racial issue that the prison population in the U.S. is up to 70% black? Read this and this.

-Which political party stands to gain the most, politically, from the status quo of race relations in the U.S. remaining unchanged? Read this.

-Democrats pushed banks into making more home loans to those with low and moderate
incomes, mostly through Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Read this and this. They defended Fannie and Freddy when Republicans started sounding the warning bells in 2004. Watch this and this. Now, those who purchased homes under these programs, many of whom are African Americans, find that their homes are worth less than the principle remaining on their mortgages. Since many of these homeowners got their loans with no money down, and therefore, had no skin in the game, are walking away from these mortgages. With the economy collapsing and it looks as though every American will be paying a huge price for it, of what benefit has any of this been for the black community? Misery may love company, but is this the type of equality that the black community hoped for when they voted for Democrats?

-In America, the land of opportunity, liberal Democrats tell African Americans that their success or failure depends upon who wins elections. That is insulting enough, but the fact of the matter is that Democrats, by positioning themselves as the saviors of the black community, have a vested political interest in maintaining the status quo. As long as black students are under educated, the Democrats have the black vote. As long as black unemployment exceeds the national average, the Democrats have the black vote. As long as crime in America's inner city communities remains high, the Democrats have the black vote. As long as Democrats can convince African Americans that racism is at the heart of all these problems, the Democrats have the black vote. Why would the Democrats, as a party, want any of these things to change?

These are questions which every voter, not just those in the African American community, should seriously be considering.


Anonymous said...

good post and thank you for the linkage.

Z said...

what a terribly sad thought "as long as Black kids are undereducated, the Dems have their vote"........you're right.
And it's sickening, isn't it?

great videos!

Toad734 said...

Wow, this is fresh, now you are blaming America's melt down all on black people. Nice.


You mean like how poor rednecks get tricked into voting Republicans by convincing them that if they ever get to move out of the trailer and get rich that their taxes will be cut? Sound familiar?

da patriot said...

Toad, You may have read my post, but your comment is nothing less than eisegesis. You got out of it what was clearly not there. I am not surprised by that, just disappointed.