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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Patriots Day From a Leftist Perspective

This is how one leftist blogger commemorated 9/11, publishing only the image shown at right with no commentary. This image is meant to convey the notion that as a result of 9/11 our Constitution has been under attack, primarily from the Patriot Act. The Left's concern for our Constitution is completely phony. The Left has relentlessly attacked the Constitution as antiquated, rigid, and regressive. The left has always wanted a complete rewrite of the Constitution, and if they can't get it done through the ratification of amendments (remember the ERA), they will do it through the judiciary.

To be blunt, as a former member of the American Left, I know that the Left has no love for the U.S. Constitution, or for that matter anything that patriotic Americans hold dear. They want to destroy this country as it is currently constituted. They wanted us to lose the cold war and they now would like us to lose the war on terror. Their opposition to the Patriot Act is purely because they know it has been instrumental in keeping America safe from terrorist attacks for the last seven years. Any pretense of concern for civil liberties in this regard is completely phony.

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Toad734 said...

That's funny because it always seems it's the conservatives who are trying to implement a state religion which everyone one else has to adhere to, always trying to stifle free speech or even in McCain and Palin's case, freedom of the press. The Right are the ones who want to attack the constitution with a new marriage amendment, it's the Right who is always trying to take away our civil liberties for "our safety", its the right who is always trying to get music, lyrics, videos, tv, movies, radio, art, etc. censored. It's conservatives who fought against ideas such as the 15th amendment.

And by activist judges would you be referring to ones who sneak in to the court house grounds in the middle of the night to install a big statue of the 10 commandments? That's what I call an activist judge. Just because some judges are non partisan and smart and can actually acknowledge the intentions of the founding fathers doesn't make them activists just because you, uneducated in the law, disagree.