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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama; "Boo Hoo, McCain Cheated"

At the recent televised political forum at the Saddleback Church, John McCain clearly bested Barack Obama. McCain came across as a candidate with firm convictions, and a clear vision of how he would govern as President. Obama, on the other hand, fumbled for words when confronted with difficult questions. He looked very much like a politician trying to answer a question with just enough doublespeak to skate by. He clearly did not have the presence of mind to realize where he was and to be able to anticipate the kinds of question that he would be asked.

So how does Obama decide to cope with the aftermath of his dismal failure? Does he pick himself up, dust himself off, and move on? Does he determine to better prepare for such events in the future? No! Camp Obama dropped a bug in the ear of NBC's Andrea Mitchell, expressing Obama's concerns that McCain may have cheated. Here is how the logic of team Obama works; McCain did much better than Obama during the forum, McCain arrived at the church after Obama began answering questions, ergo, McCain had taken advantage of that opportunity to gain advance knowledge of the questions being asked. Rather than deal with the situation like a man, Obama, without a shred of evidence to support it, chose to tarnish McCains performance by accusing him of having cheated.

Mr. Obama, I have this to say to you, "Sir, you are the Democratic party's nominee for the office of President of the United States. It is the Big Leagues. It's time for you to be a grown-up."

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Z said...

POOOOR Obama..! Then, when "CHEATED" didn't work, he went for "HE"S NEGATIVE" Obama's a BIG BABY and I firmly believe the public's waking up!

NOW there's been a lawsuit filed by a HIllary Supporting lawyer saying Obama's birth certificate is, in fact, a fake. This should get REAL INTERESTING!

HA!! And thanks for coming by!!