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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Messiah Obama

The media coronation of Obama has provided the political pundits with an excellent source of satirical fodder. None has been nearly as entertaining as this one which appeared on Hannity and Colmes earlier this week.

The Left views Obama as the Savior of America. The One who will be a beacon of light to the world. Armed with the way of Marx he will teach us a new way and purge the conservatism from America. With a wave of his sacred pen, he will bring healing to those who are sick and do not have health insurance. He will offer hope to the downtrodden. He will drive the whore mongers and money grubbers from our midst and bestow holy 'fairness' to all.

However, the Right understands who and what Obama really is. They have seen his like before. Those who have embraced the Dark side. Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, and Mao. All these offered hope through the way of Marx, and unleashed only want, misery, and death on the planet during the last age. Barack Obama is no Savior. And this is his true appearance.

He is Darth Liberty!


Anonymous said...

for christs sake!....you are a dip stick. You go to Blanca's blog and tell her she is offensive...and you are what??? A saint??? come on fella....get a clue.

Z said...

bravo..Anybody who doesn't see Obama for what he is, is not seeing with their eyes open!
On the other hand, if you're a socialist and have different plans for America than most do, obama's your guy, right?

And have you seen how he's changed on offshore drilling, calling McCain a racist (now he's 'cynical'), liking his 20 yr friend Jeremiah Wright, liking Ludikrus, .......we could go on and on........that bus he throws people under is expanding by the second!

Anonymous said...

lol...you crack me up! nope...got that wrong...your are cracked.

I just wonder how many other idiots like you there are.

da patriot said...

I really do not expect Liberals to engage in a civil discussion. Liberals do not believe that a debate on the issues should even have to happen, and are never prepared to do so. However, I think that I does Liberals a great diservice to allow them to forgo the manly act of being accountable for their comments. I am, therefore, suspending the option of posting comments anonymously.

Thomas said...

Wow! Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees… It’s very entertaining to see so many people mired in their own stupidity. If you really think Obama has any real pull for either good or evil then you truly are of the small minded. Yes I said it… You are an idiot.